Karash Adventure Indonesia

We believe that outdoor activities have positive health benefits. We at Karash provide a step-by-step learning experience designed to give someone the tools needed to learn leadership, teamwork, and outdoor living skills. We also offered overnight backpacking trips where students can learn, practice, and work together. Includes mastery of skills such as backpacking, environmental concern, trip planning, camp craft, basic first aid, knots, and trail work.

We designed the outdoor activities applicable to many areas of study. Students can explore based on their plan and goals while we guide them safely and seriously. Experiential learning, self-confidence building and interpersonal skills are some principles we applied.

We take special care to assure your students have the highest quality experience possible. Each school has a tailor-made schedule that is both age-appropriate and reflects the goals of the teachers for their students.


Take the children out from their comfort zone meet and feel nature challenge. We guiding them to overcome their incapable feelings to unleash their hidden potential. The programs also train the attitude of being a leader, how to self-motivate himself and others. These activities are customizable to the age and education level at both the secondary and elementary levels. Since 2000 Karash has been organizing the programs for the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), the British School Jakarta (BSJ), Singapore International School (SIS) and some other schools.

Activity Focused:

  • Responsibility to others
  • Increase interests and new skills
  • Be open and try new changes
  • Make planning
  • Overcome Take the challenges and problem solving


An attractive and creative way of learning in the context of adding insight and knowledge. This trip package will visit many interesting objects from various industries or institution, which can be customized according to the goals. Participants can directly meet the actors (officers, operators). Participant is required to make a simple writing report to the object they visited and choose.

Some interesting objects to visit:

  • Onboard The Battleship
  • Peek at the Stars and Galaxies
  • Exploring Geothermal Field
  • A day in Marine Corp Military Training
  • Visiting Factories
  • Playing with Clays

Karash is able to arrange requests for visits to the desired objects in consider to safety environement, easy accsess, great benefit and impact to participants.


We believe camping is an exciting event for young people. It’s a lifetime experience with a full of excitement in the outdoor even though it’s away from luxury. Nevertheless, camping is the best learning and most enjoyable moment. Especially if it’s managed by professional with educative programs which will give participants more knowledge and confidence.

Camping theme in this program:

  • Karash Kid Adventures
  • Winning Camp
  • Family Camp
  • Creative Arts Camp
  • Cook and Baking Camp

Karash always be ready to create a thematic camp which is designed by request and its goal.


Science Trip

  • Into The Battleship
  • One Day With Marines
  • Boscha Observatorium
  • Geothermal & Power Plant
  • Tank Riding
Science Trip


  • Youth Leadership Camp
  • Family Fun Camp
  • Thematic Camp


  • Duke of Edinburg Award
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Trekking
  • Culture Trip