Karash Adventure Indonesia

Adventure Organizer & Outdoor Training

Where challenges, learning and leisure become amazing experience.

Karash Adventure and Training offers activities solutions to individuals and institution. We had more than 25 years in organizing the adventure trip, mountain climbing and other outdoor events. Our experience in working with private sector and school training has become one of the strength. Nowadays we also growth to the field of developing high ropes construction and adrenalin site for recreation. In 2005 we set up Camp Bravo own campsite at Cidahu – Bogor, follow with Ragentar Adrenalin Park start operation in 2007, then the new one Kampung Tenda Sleman just start early 2021.ย 

Karash Adventure and Training also member of Indonesia Mountain Guide Association (APGI), Indonesia Adventure Trip and Trade Association (IATTA) and part of Search and Rescue Potential Group.

Unforgettable fun experience

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